SEO Misconceptions & Mistakes

- There is no such thing as passing negative PageRank through links. It is positive or null.
- A higher PageRank does not automatically mean higher ranking, other factors such as relevancy and trust prevail.
- Pages disallowed from crawling in a robots.txt file can collect PageRank, because other website pages can still point to these.
- Don't implementing a soft 404 (i.e., a 'Page Not Found' returning a 200 http status code) hoping to preserving link juice links pointing to deleted pages on your site. Other signals will neutralize such backlinks and algorithms won't pass PageRank anyway. Besides, soft 404s make it harder for Google to remove deleted pages from its index.
- Old domains with high PageRank will not preserve such PageRank when transfered to new owners if content or backlinks are removed or changed.
- Top level domain names such as .edu or .gov don't pass more link juice by default than other TLDs.
- The history of a web page's PageRank is not important, Google algorithms don't hold grudge or good memories of PageRank, however some algorithms make take time to reflect changes in PageRank (inertia issue).
'By linking to other websites you are giving your PageRank, you should only link to your own pages', this is not a recommended practice since it degrades user experience and they may not return to your website, search engines will notice this behavior indirectly and lower your website's rankings.