Indexing Audit

This page provides a set of issues explaining why a page might not be indexed at Google.

- Perform the command in Google's search box or toolbar. For Bing, use the url:[]/[mypage.html] command in the Bing search box.

If your page.html is returned in the result, then it is indexed by Google. If not, either Google cannot or does not or has not indexed it yet.

- Is your page URL defined in a sitemap.xml?

If you have not implemented a sitemap, implement one. Register your page in this sitemap and give time to crawlers to visit it.

- Is your page marked as NOINDEX?

If so, search engines will not index your page. Remove the NOINDEX from your page and let crawlers revisit your page to take it into account.

- Is your page blocked in your robots.txt file?

If so, web crawlers will not process it for indexing. Enable access again to the page and give time to web crawlers to revisit your page.

- Is your page very large (more than 100K)?

Some web crawlers are unable to load or don't want to process very large pages. The solution is to make you page smaller or to split it in less than 100K pages.

- Is the canonical link set on the page valid?

If you have set a canonical link on your page, make sure the URL points to a valid page. If Google trusts your canonical link, only the target page will be indexed.

- Is your page redirected?

No matter if your page is redirected with a 301 or a 302, its URL will not be indexed by search engines, but the target page will.

- Is your page duplicated?

If your page can be accessed from multiple URLs, search engines like Google tend to select one URL only and to ingore others in their search results, since users don't like to see the same content over and over again. Your page's URL may be eclisped by another URL.

- Is your page or content hidden for a country?

Say you have English videos posted on a server in Germany. Google may try to index them from the U.S. However, if they are blocked for the U.S., it will not be able to index them.

- Use the 'Fetch as Google' feature of Google's Search Console

Assuming you have a GSC account, using this feature (after you have fixed indexing issues on your page) will have Google revisit your page quickly.

Sometimes, a webpage is perfectly fine and not indexed because of an issue at the website level.