Confirmed Facts

GSC stands for Google Search Console, the new name of Google's Webmaster Tool.

- GSC only shows organic traffic information.
- GSC displays only a subset of your backlinks, the less influencial backlinks may be ignored.
- Both NOFOLLOW and DOFOLLOW links are displayed in the GSC since they are a source of traffic.
- Google does not want you to know which links counts more or less for your rankings.
- Disavowed links are not removed from the GSC, they are treated as NOFOLLOW.
- Submitting empty sitemaps in the GSC is acceptable, but it accomplishes nothing.
- Submitting sitemaps with a subset of your website URLs can help you identify which parts of your website are indexed or not.
- Around November 2014, few sites who moved to HTTPS reported losing a lot of ranking, it was a because of a bug which has been fixed now.
- To remove a false subdomain created under your main domain from search results, register it first in the GSC, then remove it manually using the corresponding functionality in the GSC.
- The data display in the GSC is different than data used for ranking.
- For small websites which are not seen in search results, Google does not bother setting manual actions.
- Not ranking for a long time because of technical issues is a rare case.
- You can upload up to 1000 sitemaps in the GSC.
- Manual penalties are treated according to user impact.

Google algorithms try to establish the relevance of a website, which is different than producing information about what webmasters 'should or could do' to improve their rankings. However actionable recommendations are bubbled up in the GSC when possible.

About 404 Not Found And 410 Gone

- If a 404 error code is returned for a page, Google does not remove it from search results for 24 hours.
- If a 404 or a 410 is systematically returned for a page (and Google trusts that information), it will be crawled less and less.
- If GSC reports 404's, it means Google can crawl your site.
- If a page is removed from the index because of 404s, it will still be crawled for some time.
- Google needs to recrawl 404 links to remove them from the GSC.
- If a 404 is marked as solved in the GSC and it comes back, this means Google still sees the URL like a 404.
- A 410 removes a page from the index faster than a 404.
- A 404 trumps NOINDEX.
- Links to 404 page don't affect ranking.
- Links to 404 are dropped from the GSC over time.