A manual action is the same thing as a manual penalty. A penalty can demote a website's rankings or remove it completely from search results:

- Google algorithms don't sent penalties in the Google Search Console automatically.
- All manual penalties are created and reviewed by human beings.
- There is no such thing as hidden penalties (since 2012), if you don't see any message in the GSC, then you are not suffering of a manual action.
- If a website is banned from search results, it is most often because of such low content that it is not worth displaying it in results, rather than links.
- You can both suffer from a manual penalty and an algorithmic penalty, you will often need to solve algorithmic penalties before submitting reconsideration requests.
- Reconsideration requests are not prioritized according to an account's importance or the size of the corresponding website. They don't get the priority.
- The rate of reconsideration request handling can vary according to the language, because of workforce capacity.
- Manual penalties don't stop the crawling of websites.
- Algorithms are not influenced by manual penalties, but they can send signals reviewed by human beings.
- Manuals actions can be assigned without algorithmic input.
- Reconsideration requests are handle quickly, unless Google needs time to verify data.
- If you don't react to a manual penalty, it will not automatically be reviewed by Google employees.
- All manual actions have an expiration date (typically in months or years), if the corresponding website still suffer from the same issues after expiration, new manual penalties can be triggered.
- A manual action has to be revoked with a reconsideration request in order to lift any corresponding demotion or ban from search results.

About Negative SEO Attacks

- Negative SEO is rare. Most often, issues are on the website itself.
- Google algorithms are pretty good at detecting when someone forwards a banned website to your site, such links will be automatically neutralised
- Spammy websites are often ignored automatically, even if they are showed in the GSC.
- A sudden rise in new links are probably already ignored by Google, especially if they are unnatural.