Penguin Panda AlgorithmsThese are two of the most important algorithms developed at Google. Panda aims to bubbling up quality content, while Penguin focusses on filtering web spam (the payday loans algorithm is different from Penguin).

- Sometimes, Panda can focus on parts of a website.
- Panda and Penguin algorithm updates are performed manually (several months and sometimes a year apart), when it happens, it is called a refresh.
- Google is working on reducing the interval between Panda and Penguin refreshes.
- When you spot Panda or Penguin related issues on your website, don't solve 10% of these issues, go for 100%, these will be taken into account at the next refresh.
- Penguin reduces or eliminates the value of unnatural links, PageRank does not flow through.
- Penguin does not take internal links into account.
- Google uses more than 200 factors for ranking.
- Some algorithms running more frequently than Penguin and Panda use their metrics.
- Panda interprets low quality content as not trustworthy.
- Panda does not focus on links.
- Penguin does not focus on links only.
- If algorithms merge a subdomain with a main domain, then the Panda and Penguin metrics is for the aggregation. Ditto if websites are split in parts.
- Remove low quality content to please the Panda algorithm.

SEO Mistakes & Best Practices

- Few websites are impacted by the Penguin algorithms. It does not deserve the fuzz it gets.
- Panda is not safe search oriented, all types of content (even adult) is processed.
- The Panda and Penguin algorithms operate site-wide, they don't target individual pages.
- Penguin does not produce an on/off metric, it is granular.