What is Link Baiting in SEO?

Link baiting is the process of creating compelling content which makes people want to link to it. Such content provides sustainable and new traffic. Securing backlinks is necessary to start ranking to maintain rankings on the long run.

Link baiting examples include:

 • Evergreen content - Evergreen content is timeless content keeping its value on the long term.
 • Educational content - For example, this includes information that high-school children would search for reference in their homework.
 • Something controversial - Anything paradoxical, a contrarian opinion, a moral issue, whistleblowing.
 • Unusual or unconventional - A rare picture, a rare event, an unconventional solution to an issue, a different approach or perspective.
 • Tutorial & Summary content - Good and comprehensive tutorials and summaries stand the test of time. The easier they are to follow, the better.
 • Analysis backed by real data, facts or experiments - There is a lot of fluff on the Internet. Reliable information backed by solid facts is what many people are looking for. Sharing your own experiments and the result you obtained saves people a lot of time.
 • Comprehensive resources - Valuable information is often spread all over the net. A central page regrouping and organizing this information (or links to it) saves people a lot of time.
 • Funny content - Humoristic content can easily go viral when proper social integration is implements. Viewers like pictures and videos, because they are easy to consume.
 • Infographics - This is the application of the "one image is worth a thousand words" principle. Visual content can sometimes contain much more information or convey an emotion much better than words.
 • Checklists - Helping users do the right thing with checklists is helping them creating value in their life. Practical actions lists never lose value.
 • Information unavailable elsewhere - Original content and insights (such as insider information for example) helps rising above the pack and being noticed.
 • Reliable survey data - Learning about people's opinion helps people understand where they stand in the community.
 • Reviews - Proper reviews of books, technology items, services also saves people a lot of time. People need to know what they can trust or not. Fair and correct reviews is an excellent opportunity to create a trust bond.