The purpose of this website is to share advanced SEO tips and tricks to implement on your websites. It contains summaries, guidelines and checklists. The only prerequisite is to have read and understood Google's Webmaster Academy documentation.


- Algorithms (Google), Panda & Penguin
- Ajax & Javascript SEO
- Backlink Building, Link Baiting
- Black Hat Techniques Review
- Disavow Tool, Removing Penalties
- Domain Name
- Google Search Console, Penalties
- Images
- Indexing & Ranking, Parsing, Ranking Algorithm
- Keywords, SEO Myths
- Links (Internal & External), SEO Myths
- Mobile
- Miscellaneous
- PageRank & Link Juice, SEO Myths
- Ranking
- Robots Meta Tag
- robots.txt implementation
- sitemap.xml implementation

...& Summaries

- Strategies for SEO
- Subdomains vs Subfolders
- Titles & Descriptions
- Web Content, Scraped & Duplicate Content, SEO Myths


- Migration (Site)
- Multilingual & Multiregional
- My Page is Not Indexing
- My Page is Not Ranking
- My Site is Not Indexing
- My Site is Not Ranking


- Angular.js & SEO - It's worse than you think!
- Google's 200 Ranking Factors - The Lies!

Most of the information provided on this website is extracted from John Mueller's Webmaster Hangout videos, Matt Cutts' videos and official documentation. The site's motto is: follow trend lines rather than headlines - It is maintained by Jérôme Verstrynge.